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The Big Secret to High Traffic
It seems that many people are assuming that once their  web site is developed and on the Internet visitors will  just flock to it.  Wouldn't it make sense with the millions of people online that your site would automatically  get at least a few hundred hits a day?  Unfortunately it  just isn't that simple!
Imagine you are starting a business beside a major  highway.  Except your business cannot be seen due to a  hidden drive and parking lot.  Thousands of people will drive right by your door everyday, having no idea you  are there!   Since they are so close it would seem at  least someone would stop by, right?   In this scenario, it's pretty obvious why they don't.
Take this scenario to the Internet for a moment. Your web site is on the Internet, folks are zipping by in all directions but they don't visit.  They don't visit because they don't know you are there.  You have not provided them a way to get to your site.   How do you get the attention of the passerby's?
Mistakenly many people depend solely on search engines. This simply will not provide you with traffic.   Generally a site that offers a very unique product or rare content with little or no competition will do quite well in the engines. However, if you have a site on the web with hundreds of sites similar to yours fighting for a top ten ranking, then your chances are slim? 
Depending on search engines alone is similar to posting your business phone number in the yellow pages and doing nothing else to advertise.  Imagine your business next to that major highway again.  If you have no sign other than the yellow pages, then how many people do you think will stop?
Likely the only folks to visit have looked up your subject in the yellow pages and happened to select your business.  With millions of people passing right by your door daily, think of the market you are missing!
It's the same on the Internet, think of the market you are missing if all you do is post to search engines!  Of course all businesses should be in the yellow pages, just like all web sites should be in the search engines. Don't discount them; just don't depend solely on them for all your traffic.
By now you may be asking, "Ok, then how do I get traffic?" Since millions of people are zipping by daily and don't know you are there, then you need to make yourself visible!  You do this by putting up your "sign".  In fact, you need to get your "sign" in as many places as possible.  Your "sign" can be a hyperlink on someone else's site, a banner in a network, your ad in an ezine, your signature file etc.  You must ACTIVELY promote!
Put your "sign" everywhere!  Develop relationships with other webmasters, become interactive with your visitors, develop and publish an ezine, place ads in newsletters, provide quick and friendly customer service, swap links with other sites, etc.  The list goes on and on!
The big secret to high traffic doesn't exist!  There is no ONE BIG secret.  The secret is just a whole bunch of little secrets used collectively that make the difference.   Since all new businesses on the Internet start off on the same playing field, your chances are as good as anyone!  It doesn't matter if you're a one-man shop or a large organization, the fact remains; you will get no traffic unless you promote!    

Spend 80% of your time actively promoting and you will see a massive difference in your traffic and your success!

Good luck!



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