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You ask ... "Why should we have a presence on the Web?"

And the answer is very, very clear.... The World Wide Web enables you to get information about your company and its products and services to tens of millions of people worldwide. It lets you provide support to your existing customers easily and at no charge. It allows you to offer as much information about your company as you like for potential customers to see. The Web does all this 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for a cost that put other marketing techniques to shame.

With an estimated market of over 50 million people (and growing at a very rapid rate), the World Wide Web is much more just another form of advertisement, it is a marketing tool that can be designed for any of a number of reasons. Every company today is either currently on the Web or thinking of how they are going to get there. Why is this? An online presence for your company is simply an increasingly bigger part of your business' overall marketing strategy and effect.   Look at the benefits that the Internet and the Web provide companies today...

You are on equal footing with the world's largest companies for opportunities.
You can reach a potential 50+ million people worldwide, or reach strong qualified market locally.
It makes you accessible to your customers as well as potential customers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
You have free demographics and market research gathering capability from both the Internet and from visitors to your web site.
Provide qualified leads for new clients or contacts.
You can gather information about your competitors who are online as well as information that can help your business in general.
Generate immediate orders from new and existing clients, which will increase your profits.
You can allow customers to access information about your company, obtain product and service information, support, updates, and news about new products and/or services.  Provide as much information to customers about your company as they are willing to read, hear or see.
Enable customers to contact you or request more information on your company or the products that you sell.
Used as an inexpensive form of marketing research.
Market your products to customers by showing detailed product or service information.
Serve your customers better by providing constant support for the products or services you sell.
You can participate in a fast growing, interactive, multimedia environment at a fraction of traditional print and television advertising cost saving your company or organization a small fortune on printing and mailing cost.
Builds credibility for your organization.
Will increase your competitive advantage.

When you add up the benefits and weigh in the costs, there is no doubt that the Web is one of the places you want your company to be.

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