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For Only $99.95 you get PLANETWeBDESIGNs' Traffic Building Package.

The    package below includes services and promotions that are  included with PLANETWeBDESIGN Submission Service


PLANETWeBDESIGN PROMOTIONAL SUBSCRIBERS receive Web site submission service ($49.95 value)
Your Web site will be submitted to more than 900 search engines and directories including Yahoo, Excite, Webcrawler, Alta Vista, and Infoseek to name a few. We will submit one URL up to four times per year. After each URL submission you will be e-mailed a confirmation. Unlike many other submission companies and submission software packages UP does the work for you!


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( PLANETWeBDESIGN PROMOTIONAL SUBSCRIBERS receive free Banner advertising ($90 value).
Your business will really stand out on the popular Net One Search Engine when we display your banner included with your listing for six months. With The Net One, site owners can target a specific audience by Keywords or Categories. The Net One is used internationally and will deliver site owners messages to The Net One's visitors.
at over $500)\\

Receive Site Submission  ($35 value)
PLANETWeBDESIGN PROMOTIONAL SUBSCRIBERS ' Web sites will be submitted through Link-O-Matic to over 500 promotional sites for Instant Hits as part of this package subscribers members will also receive a $25 rebate on Link-O-Matic's full membership

Want to drive targeted traffic to your web site for only pennies per click? List your site with GoTo.com, the ONLY search engine that allows YOU to control your site s ranking in the search listings. GoTo.com is the 24th most trafficked site on the Internet, and one of the fastest growing sites on the Web. GoTo.com sends the most targeted traffic of any major search engine. And, you only pay for actual visitors to your site! UP members receive 300 free click through’s when you open a minimum of $25.00 account with GoTo.

PLANETWeBDESIGN PROMOTIONAL SUBSCRIBERS   recieve 4,000 free banner displays. ($50 value).
At the Banner Co-Op you get a Full 1-1 Exchange + Cash to promote your site.Free membership,Free online banner building and a Free drawing to win 1 Million banner ads.You can even use the Free 1 Million drawing to promote YOUR site.

PLANETWeBDESIGN PROMOTIONAL SUBSCRIBERS   receive a Promotional link   ($40 value)
Subscribers  receive a link on the Home Business Magazine Web site.

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