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Mailto: Function

<a href="mailto:?"> creates a mailto
</a> closes a mailto

Pages should include links that let people send email to a particular address. This type of link is known as a "mailto," and is just as easy to build as a link to another page.

When creating a link, the linked words with the tags <a href="?"> and </a>. A mailto is exactly the same, except you replace the ? with an email address instead of a URL.

If your email address were guy@planetwebdesign.com, your HTML might read:

<a href="mailto:guy@planetwebdesign.com">

And the page would appear like this:



Of course, the words can say anything you want, such as:

<a href="mailto:guy@planetwebdesign.com">
Please make my life more miserable by sending me
more email</a>

Which appears like this:

Please make my life more miserable by sending me more email





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