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With our Standard account, you get at least one form on a secure server. This gives you the ability to request sensitive, e.g., credit card, information from your site. You have the capability to implement a full shopping-cart mechanism for on-line ordering. We fully support CGI scripts, JAVA, Real Audio, video, etc. We can custom build you a database if you need it. We will provide you detailed hit statistics and log file reports so that you can see how many times who, what, and when someone accessed your site.



  • Fully redundant power backup
  • Redundant data lines
  • Fiber optic infrastructure
  • The best service and expert support anywhere
  • Unlimited modifications and uploads
  • No bandwidth surcharges
  • T1 feeds to the internet
  • Pay month to month with no obligation period! Server side imagemap capability with NCSA format
  • Some of the fastest web servers on the planet

    Prices start at  $24.95 month

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