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Font Sizing

<font size=#> adjusts font size

</font> returns font to default size

Before the release of Netscape Navigator 1.1, typographic options on the Web were limited to the one font and size that any given browser allowed. But the <font size> tag - allowed authors to vary font sizesand gave us one more tool to improve  the readability of our pages.

The default font size "0" in Netscape and "2" in IE, can alter the font size but by inserting a specific numeral, such as <font size=5>, or a relative value, which changes the size in relation to the default.

So if you code your HTML page like this:

<font size=5>Font sizing</font>

You'll get:

Font sizing.
in IE


Font Sizing.
in Netscape. Netscape always increases the value by two

Unlike the headline tags the <font size> tags can combine different sized words on the same line.

You are not limited to choose font sizes, they can be as big as you'd like, but anything over 59 doesn't fit on your page without left to right scrolling. Below are some visual examples of font sizing.But even those would look different if the default value of the browser font size was changes by the viewer.

This is <font size=1>:Example

This is <font size=2>:Example

This is <font size=3>:Example

This is <font size=4>:Example

This is <font size=5>:Example

This is <font size=6>:Example

This is <font size=7>:Example

You should note that the <font size> tag doesn't work in all browsers (Mosaic, for one, doesn't support it).
More current Browsers like IE6+ and NN6+ support only the CSS font size attribute.




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