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Background Color

<body bgcolor=?> sets the background color

The background of the page is the overall most important element.

The background color is specified within the <body> tag at the beginning of your document. So, if you write in your HTML page.

<body bgcolor=green>

You will create a green background.

Only a limited number of colors can be specified by name, and different browsers recognize different sets of colors. If you want to be precise about your background,  you'll want to replace the name of the color, with a hexadecimal code. So your HTML would look something like this:

<body bgcolor=#CCCCCC>

The "CCCCCC" represents the RGB value of white, translated into hexadecimal. Any color that can be displayed on a monitor can be described by its RGB value - its relative amounts of red, green, and blue (each of which is expressed as a two-digit number, such as 51 or 14 or 00).

In order for a Web browser to understand the RGB values, they must each be translated into a hexadecimal (or base-16) number. Then the resulting two-digit hexadecimal ("hex" for short) numbers are strung together into a single six-digit code. So in the example above, the first two "c"s stand for the red value, the next two stand for green, and the last two for blue.

Now, if you don't want to bother with calculating those numbers download a free version BK Color Picker from  http://www.orbit.org/bkprog/ BK Colour Coder is designed to be a one-stop solution to manipulating the <body> tag in an HTML document. It supports the changing of margins, background images and, of course, colours for all the different document properties. This last one is by far the most powerful aspect of the program; hence the name.

Using BK Color Coder you have a multitude of options in deciding how to choose a color. Firstly, you are presented with a palette of colors to choose from. This palette defaults to the so-called ‘safe-palette’ (see the Tips section for an explanation of this). So for those of you who just want to get a particular color scheme done, just click around until you find the right combination.

Use it t
o translate your color choice into hexadecimal, you should first take the value of Red - in this case, 51 - and divide it by 16. The balance is 3.1875. The integer, 3, will be the first number in the hexadecimal formula. The remainder (0.1875) should be multiplied by 16, which also results in the number 3. So, 51 translates to 33 in hex.

Repeat this formula for the Blue value, and then string them together (you should get 33DB99).





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